Insurance News Magazine – December 2023/January 2024

An Insurance News Event


Immerse yourself in a full-day experience featuring thought-provoking sessions aimed at elevating your understanding of the insurance industry.

Our expert speakers and panels will discuss the key topics shaping the industry, including the corporatisation of brokers, evolving commercial risks, and the ascent of underwriting agencies.

19 March 2024 @ Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont

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Enhance your understanding of the global and national insurance industries at our insightful full-day conference packed with informative and thought-provoking sessions.

  • Understanding Industry Dynamics: Explore the factors reshaping the market structure and dynamics, from corporate transformations to emerging trends in commercial risks.
  • Australian Industry in Focus: Gain valuable insights into the role of the Australian insurance industry within the broader national economic and social context.
  • Navigating the Future of Insurance: Expert-led discussions on the world of insurance, future trends, challenges, opportunities, changing distribution models, and the impact of technology on customer perspectives.

From the Publisher

Knowledge is power. England’s Lord High Chancellor Francis Bacon wrote this short and often-misused phrase 426 years ago, and it still holds true. Bacon believed that acquiring knowledge and sharing it are the cornerstone of reputation and influence, and therefore power. 
Put that thinking in the context of your everyday work, and you might see that without full understanding of market dynamics, the business decisions you make could be improved and your reputation enhanced. 
Insurance News was established in 2008 to capitalise on Bacon’s belief. By that stage this writer had been working in industry communications for 28 years, 17 of them with ICA and then NIBA. The information easily available to industry employees before then was limited to specialists’ reports, company statements and mainstream media. Each channel had its limitations, and Google then wasn’t what it is now.
Insurance is a massive global machine with many complex components, each crucial to the success or failure of other components. And they can change tack with every new challenge or opportunity.
Understanding how each part of this wide and wonderful industry influences the others and the pressures each is working under allows insurance people to make better decisions that will benefit their effectiveness and, ultimately, their careers. 
That’s why Insurance News is mounting its first-ever national insurance conference in Sydney on March 19. Titled “Where is Insurance Going?”, we are bringing together expert speakers from across the industry to examine the key components that impact on insurance. They will also examine the state of the local industry and what’s likely to happen in the next year. Not just the obstacles, but also the opportunities. 
Our sole aim is to broaden managers and employees’ appreciation of the wider industry and business environment. 
Insurance News publishes thousands of articles each year, interviewing industry experts on an enormous range of issues and analysing key reports. Our March 19 conference will bring all that information together into a coherent whole.
What the Insurance News conference won’t do is tell you how to do your job; we’ll leave the technical skills stuff to the trainers. Over the next year business environments will change, new opportunities will emerge alongside the challenges, and attendees at this conference will be better equipped to profit from whatever comes their way.
Have a look at the details on pages 4 & 5, consider the calibre of the speakers who have committed to sharing their experience, sign up, bring your teams or bring your boss, and learn how to enhance your influence and your company’s place in your working world.
Knowledge really is power. Sign on to our conference and gain both.
While our focus is on March 19, we have to get through the festive season first! My colleagues at Insurance News join me in thanking you for your support during 2023, and wish all our readers a happy Christmas and a rewarding New Year.


Terry McMullan