Vero names its winners

Disability services provider Oak Possibility’s injury prevention program has won this year’s RM Advancer award in the workers’ compensation and public liability category.

The not-for-profit, which was founded in 1989, partners with disabled people to support independent living and pathways to employment.

Its workforce is made up of more than 4000 staff across Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales, with a wide range of physical, emotional and medical needs.

By proactively addressing worker risks, Oak Possibility achieved premium reductions of $200,000 in a year, and projected credit claim experience discounts of over $600,000 across two years.

Director of Corporate Services David Mazengarb tells Insurance News the business has invested in induction, eLearning and work process training to ensure workers are informed.

The award was “met with great joy” among team members after two years of hard work implementing risk management change, he says.

“Everyone was really pleased and enthusiastic. People like to be recognised when they are putting in the hard work. That really lifted everybody.

“We all benefit from a collaborative approach with our insurer and bringing in external knowledge to the organisation. We’ve raised the bar and we’ve got to keep raising that in employees’ best interest.”

New risk management support includes injury management advice, experts engaged via broker Gallagher, and a coaching program. Programs for psychosocial risk, health and wellbeing, and leadership excellence were introduced.

“We worked fairly closely with the insurers and also with Gallagher to try and identify how we could convert some of our strategies to be more proactive rather than reactive, and we set some targets around timing and how we respond when claims occur,” Mr Mazengarb says.

“It’s a course of continual improvement. We’re really happy with the progress we’re tracking and we’re not going to rest on our laurels, because this is really the start.”

The 15th edition of the RM Advancer Awards was held at the Metropolis Events Centre in Melbourne in November, where Vero and GIO recognised the exceptional risk management achievements of clients and their brokers.

The commercial award category was won by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services for its fleet risk-management strategy, while annual agricultural show host Melbourne Royal took the SME category honours.

Oak Possibility says that at its core it is a “catalyst for change”.

“We work towards a world where everyone has the opportunity to pursue their potential. Our employees are amazing – they’re the heart of Possibility and they’re making a difference every day.”