Making an insurance claim can be a long process, taking weeks or even months to conclude depending on how complex it is. For customers, the wait can be frustrating. Repairs or rebuilding works take time to organise.

So a Zurich claimant who recently had to lodge a small business claim after a burst pipe caused water damage to the ceiling and internal walls at his tenanted property was surprised and delighted that it took Zurich less than 24 hours to finalise the claim.

His broker had lodged the claim on his behalf, providing all the necessary documentation to Zurich.

The fast settlement meant the claimant was able to proceed quickly to repair the water damage.

Zurich says this particular customer case study highlights the success of its efforts in the last few years to improve the claims handling process.

The result is the creation of Priority Settlement Service (PSS) and Priority Repair Service (PRS) solutions for brokers and their clients.

PSS is designed for small property claims of under $30,000 and PRS for sedans and light commercial vehicle claims.

“We are very proud of our PRS and PSS customer solutions which have been going for some five years and delivered thousands of positive outcomes,” General Insurance Chief Claims Officer Tim Scott-Young says.

“Zurich has committed itself to becoming a leading customer-centric organisation, consistently providing products and services that customers truly need. Our focus is to get our customers back to business quickly and safely.”

He says speedy claims resolution is important for customers and it’s a priority at Zurich to meet client expectations.

“Claims is where the customer promise comes to life. It’s where we fulfill our aspiration of creating a brighter future for our customers,” Mr Scott-Young says.

He says PSS and PRS “meet the need of providing that extra simplicity and ease so that customers can focus on their business success”.

“Our lives are incredibly busy and complicated at the best of times, and that’s especially so for our brokers and our business customers.”

Zurich says with PSS the aim is for eligible claims to be paid within 24 to 48 hours of receiving all required information.

With PRS the key features are automatic authorisation to commence repairs; no need for repair quotes or assessment; and a lifetime guarantee on the workmanship of all authorised repairs.

“We aim to pay small and simple property claims quickly and more efficiently, and get vehicles back on the road hassle-free so you can continue doing what you do best – running your business,” Mr Scott-Young says.

Zurich is continuing to improve its PSS and PRS processes after “fantastic” feedback from brokers and their customers.

“For example, we significantly increased our PRS network last year following broker feedback that they wanted more repairers in more locations,” Mr Scott-Young says.

Making an insurance claim can be stressful and time-consuming, but Zurich is working to make it a seamless process so clients can more quickly get back to doing what they love – growing their business.