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Tapanda’s Journey to Transforming the Insurance and Fleet Sectors

In March 2019, the insurance and fleet sectors witnessed the entry of a dynamic newcomer.

Tapanda promised to shake up the insurance industry with its innovative and adaptable solutions. Five years later, the company’s journey offers a compelling narrative of transformation and success in this highly competitive landscape.

Recognising a substantial gap in the market, Tapanda was founded to introduce new initiatives in insurance assessment aimed at improving speed, efficiency, and cost outcomes. Its entrance into the market was timely, filling a gap with bespoke solutions that offered an alternative to the industry’s status quo. Experts in managing motor outcomes, repair cycle times, and automotive services, Tapanda has set itself apart, able to control all aspects of the value chain and deliver outcomes that meet the motor industry’s demanding requirements.

Over its five-year trajectory, Tapanda has built robust partnerships with numerous insurers, earning their trust through a track record of delivering on promises. The company’s “Time Is Your Money” guiding principle encapsulates its commitment to cost-efficiency, quality, and timely delivery. By challenging conventional practices and spearheading innovation, Tapanda has proven that aspects like customer experience and repair cost outcomes can indeed be managed more efficiently, offering a fresh perspective against decades-old assessing services.

To stay ahead of industry trends, Tapanda established an Incubator dedicated to testing and qualifying new products and strategic initiatives. This initiative underscores the company’s relentless pursuit of disruption, continually challenging and advancing industry standards.

To disrupt such a market, Tapanda onboarded a workforce where 90% of staff have at least five years of experience managing and assessing motor claims. Tapanda prides itself on its ability to seek, recruit, and nurture talent, fostering a workplace environment that is not just productive but one where employees feel genuinely valued and proud to be a part of. It is a key factor behind the company’s substantial growth and its acclaim as one of Australia’s top 20 Best Workplaces in 2023, a prestigious recognition certified by the independent workplace culture specialists, Great Place to Work. This achievement underscores Tapanda’s excellence not just in operational success but in its profound investment in people and their workplace satisfaction.

“Our people are the DNA of Tapanda. Our recruitment focus is based on ‘fit’ and that to us is selecting individuals who are driven, deliver on the promise to our Partners, hold an improvement mindset and respectfully challenge each other.” says Christos Gonis, Director of Tapanda.

The recent appointment of Kimberley Corones-Johnson as General Manager of People and Operations further highlights Tapanda’s achievements and commitment to fostering a positive work environment. Ms Corones-Johnson joins from Hollard Insurance Australia, where she was Head Of Enterprise Change Management. She has more than 20 years of industry experience, having also worked at Suncorp in senior leadership roles spanning transformation, people strategy and operations.

“We are thrilled to have Kimberley join us in this key new role of General Manager of People and Operations. Kimberley is highly regarded within the industry for her expertise in driving positive workplace cultures through transformational change, and we are confident Kimberley will make a significant contribution to our customers and business,” Director Rod Wood said.

“This strategic appointment highlights the continued focus on providing exceptional service to our partners and customers and underlines our commitment to being a great place to work for our people.”

Tapanda’s story is not just about business success; it’s also about community contribution. The company has been a proud ongoing supporter of the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation and participates in an array of other initiatives, underscoring its commitment to making a significant difference. Tapanda actively sponsors and supports local endeavours, from backing teams in soccer tournaments to contributing to GoFundMe campaigns. Moreover, its recent role as a sponsor at the Auto & General Charity Golf Day for ‘Act for Kids’ demonstrates Tapanda’s endeavour to contribute meaningfully not only within the corporate realm but also in nurturing and supporting the broader community.

As Tapanda celebrates its fifth anniversary, its journey from a fledgling startup to a key industry player is a testament to the power of innovation, partnership, and leadership in driving business success. With its commitment to challenging the status quo and delivering value to its clients, Tapanda is well-positioned to continue leading change in the insurance and fleet sectors.

The industry watches eagerly as Tapanda embarks on the next phase of its journey, with innovation and community service at its helm.