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Building a national powerhouse

The Australian insurance landscape is undergoing a seismic shift. Technology is disrupting the status quo, demographics are changing, and client expectations are evolving faster than ever.

This dynamic environment has seen the number of authorised representatives (ARs) in Australian insurance broker networks explode from a few hundred to over 3,000 in just a decade. Amidst this disruption, Resilium Insurance Broking isn’t just keeping its head above water – it’s thriving and leading the way.

According to Craig Robson, CEO Resilium and Chief Distribution Manager Envest, the future of insurance broking really is about scale and specialisation.

“At Resilium, we are capitalising on this thanks to our relationship and partnership with both Envest and the Ardonagh UK. With the backing and support that these organisations provide, we are well on our way to achieving our mission to build the strongest network of choice for quality Authorised Representatives (ARs) in Australia.”

Being part of the Envest group since 2023 supercharges Resilium’s offerings. Mr Robson says, the people who join Resilium are not just partnering with an AR network, but also tapping into the power of the Envest Group and gaining access to a global network of expertise at Ardonagh.

Craig Robson

Craig Robson, CEO Resilium and Chief Distribution Manager Envest

Resilium Insurance Broking (Resilium) is one of Australia’s largest general insurance intermediary networks, connecting a national network of more than 140 Corporate Authorised Representatives (ARs) with over 100 insurers globally.

Its growth over the last five years sees it now administering more than $724 million of general insurance premiums annually through its AR network and their 500+ staff.

Resilium now offers two options for brokers wanting to take advantage of its AR model – the Resilium Network, run by Ben Hastie and Resilium Partners, an equity backed option managed by Mr Robson. The Resilium Network, managed and directed by Ben Hastie provides ARs with everything they need, from templates to tools, access to qualified leads and a strong compliance program, to organically build and run a book of business.

Resilium Partners gives successful ARs in the network an option to continue to build their business by leveraging the equity of the Envest Group and growing through acquisition.

Managing Director Ben Hastie says the future of insurance broking is brimming with possibilities and Resilium through its network and partners, is capitalising on those possibilities including.

  • Tech-Powered efficiency: We’re embracing cutting-edge tools to streamline processes, personalise communication, and deliver real-time data insights to clients. Imagine receiving policy updates and managing claims with a tap of your phone – that’s the future we’re building.
  • Hyper-Specialisation: Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all broker. Resilium recognises the growing need for niche expertise. Our team is constantly honing their skills in specific sectors, ensuring you get coverage tailored to your unique industry risks.
  • Risk Management redefined: Forget reactive insurance. We’re becoming proactive risk partners. By leveraging data analytics, we’ll help identify potential hazards before they become claims, saving end customers money and headaches.

Mr Hastie says Resilium also recognised the power of diversity and were actively attracting more people from all different backgrounds to join the Resilium family.

“We’ve seen our AR network growing with more and more female owner-operators. Take Kate Greaves, Director and owner of Goldsworthy General Insurance Services for instance, who has been a Resilium AR for 11 years.”

“I’ve noticed a real shift over the last few years of more women and young people coming into the industry as Brokers or owner-operators,” says Ms Greaves.

“We are seeing more diversity enter the world of Insurance, and particularly encouraging is the number of women now entering the executive ranks which was previously dominated by men.”

Similarly, Chelsea Norval, General Manager of CPS General Insurance in Sydney, is also another prime example of women leading the way and making a success in business. CPS became a Resilium Partner in May 2023.

‘I’ve been in insurance for 16 years and am thrilled to see a real shift and turn for what has been a traditionally male oriented industry,” she says.

Mr Robson concluded there would continue to be significant growth for the business over the next three years and he would be driving Resilium to become the network of choice for quality ARs.

“For those ambitious ARs looking to take their career to the next level, or if there is a brokerage seeking the support and/or equity options from a national network, we would love to hear from them,” concluded Mr Robson. The future of insurance broking is bright, and it appears that Resilium is certainly at the forefront.”